We automate business

We automate processes
to enable better business

Benefits of Business Automation



Provide visibility of your business operation in real-time in one cloud-based software

Cost Reductions

Cost Reductions

Build an efficient business through automation of repetitive tasks. Reduce administration costs automatic data entry.

Remote Working

Remote Working

Measure performance of remote workers. Enable working from home through cloud software.




We learn your business to deliver all workflows more efficiently based on your current business processes.



Configure the technology to automate your business and deliver your business mobile app and an (Office Portal).



We train staff and management on using the tools. We develop variations on your technology as your business changes.

Technology & Features

COVID 19 Compliance

3PM Contact:Less Compliance App

Contact:LESS is our purpose-built app that automates Covid-19 compliance including:

  • Back to Work sign off
  • Daily Health Declaration
  • Covid-19 contact tracing  


Purchase Order Processing

Real time visbility

Remove the mystery of paper based purchase orders. Our systems digitised ad creating and approval of purchase orders, giving head office full visibility of what has been ordered and stock levels of materials across your business.

Digitalise Time Sheets

App-based timesheets

Get timesheets information faster and more accurately by implementing our timesheet app for operators. Includes push messaging and alerts to get timesheets done on time and connects to your job management software do time on job is calculated accurately.

Health & Safety

Automate Compliance and Reporting

Use our system to automate and record Health & Safety compliance. Digitise H&S briefing meetings, record site logins, pre-operation safety checks and more.

3PM Construction Technology

The 3PM Story

We are 3PM and we exist to automate workflow processes like time-sheeting, job management, health and safety compliance and asset maintenance & management so business owners can run a better business.

We do this by bringing data from People, Projects, Plant and Material to the finger tips of decision makers, enabling better informed and faster actions.

We created 3PM for the Civil Contracting industry because we’ve seen some of the challenges the industry is facing first hand and we’re confident that automation will be a key technology that helps drives future growth and efficiencies.

We’re passionate about creating a world where the NZ Civil industry is regarded as the most sustainable, profitable, safe & transparent in the world.


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