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Key Features Essential Premium Dynamic
Track staff vehicles      
Encourage Safer Driving      
Limit Unauthorised Vehicle Usage      
Manage your fleet compliance      
Integrated Fuel Card      
Managed Compliance      
Managed Priority Servicing      
Roadside Assistance      
Customised Dashboards      
Customised Workflow      
Enterprise Product Integration      
Mixed Asset Tracking      
Job and Task Cost Management      
Plant Pre-Inspection Management      


Asked Questions

What is the device?
A GPS tracking device is fitted to every vehicle and asset.  This allows us to track how it is being utilised and operated and metrics like the mileage or hours of usage.
Why do I have to pay for the device?
The device works like a cellphone with the only difference that it needs to be installed and connected to your asset. These devices range in cost from $150 - $900 depending on the application. 
What's the difference between essential & premium?
Essential Premium
Essential gives you an online portal and access through your mobile phone to monitor your vehicles. Through Reports and notifications we give you the ability to manage your own fleet or assets. Premium services managed your vehicles for you.  This is the most common product we sell as it means you don't have to do anything at all to get all the benefits of GPS tracking.
Why is it cheaper if I pay annually?
If you pay upfront for the complete year, we reward you with a discounted rate.  This is a common option chosen for smaller fleets so you reduce the number of tiny invoices you get each month.
What happens if I break my contract?

 If you have decided on the 24 month contract and decide that you need to cancel the contract within the term, you just need to pay off the cost of the device. 

The simple calculation is to take the remaining months and multiply it by about $17 per vehicle.

When do I have to pay for the device?
You pay for the devices at the start of the contract. The installation charges are added on your next invoice.
How many vehicles or assets do I need for the dynamic package?

There is no minimum number of vehicles or assets, however the setup costs of the customized system mean that it is usually prohibitive for smaller fleets. 


Most smaller fleets of 5 or less vehicles go for Essential Open plan and pay annually. 

How much does it cost to add more vehicles to my account?

If you had another vehicle, you can simple add it to your account at the rate of the contract. 

If you are getting a new vehicle and selling the last one we can simple transfer the device across to the new vehicle.

Can I get a discount if I have multiple vehicles?
Yes, we offer volume discounts for vehicle fleets larger than 10 vehicles. Give us a call and we can make that happen. 
What is an integrated fuel card?

As we track your vehicles driving it makes sense to track the vehicles fuel usage.


We Provide a fuel card that connects to the system. This enables us to: 

  • Make sure the fuel is being used for the correct vehicle
  • Monitor for fuel theif
  • Monitor and report on fuel economy and offer insights for how to save money.
What does managed compliance mean?

We make sure your vehicles comply with New Zealand vehicle compliance laws in terms of: 

  • WOF and COF
  • RUC (Road User Charges)
  • Vehicle Licensing

When anything needs to be done, we print the stickers, book your drivers in for WOFs and COFS and make sure it gets done. 

This means your never have to worry that your vehicles are insured and maintained. We do this for you.

Who is your roadside assist partner?

Fleet Agent have partnered with the AA to give you 24/7 roadside assistance for your vehicles and the costs are covered in the service. 


Just call 0800 10 40 70 to talk to an operator.

What compliance can you help me with?
We help you by purchasing your RUC (Road User charges), Renewing your rego (vehicle licence) and manage your WOF and COF.
How do you encourage safer driving?

The system can encourage safer driving by monitoring how the driver is driving. We monitor:

  • Speeding against the posted speed limits
  • Aggressive braking
  • Harsh cornering
  • Aggressive acceleration

We can then either alert you on issues or rank your drivers on their behaviour. 

Give that a couple of months and the driving gets considerable better - and you get fuel savings as part of the behaviour change.

How do you limit unauthorised vehicle usage?

We can see limits on vehicle usage and alert you when staff are using vehicles outside of what you allow. 

  • Reduce the charge of the weekend cashies
  • Reduce the chance of not complying to the FTP rules.
  • Reduce the cost of fuel wasted on personal use.

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