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3PM: Track Technology

Our technology utilises IoT devices like GPS Tracking and Electronic RUC to monitor, manage vehicles and plants. 3PM: Track connects to 3PM: Portal and 3PM: Forms.

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WIRED GPS Tracking

Wired-in tracking with the robust Blackhawk Tracking device gives you all the tracking needs you are after with the certainty of safety and security without tampering. 

Track your fleet and business with ease. 

Device will need to be installed by a qualified Auto Electrician.


OBD II - On Board Diagnostics 

OBD II gives you the opportunity to PLUG and PLAY a GPS device.

Easy and Quick installation for those vehicles with OBD ability. All the same features as the WIRED in devices.

Track your fleet quick and easy and transfer between vehicles with Ease.

If you don’t need the device wired in (hidden inside the vehicle) then the OBD device is for you.

OBD II – On Board Diagnostics 2

Non-Powered Tracking 

The NON-POWERED Tracker (Oyster) is a compact, rugged GPS tracking device that has been designed for locating and tracking non-powered assets such as containers, trailers, skip bins, and others.

Self installation, simply 'place n trace'.

  • Up to 5 years once daily location

  • Up to 2 years detailed tracking

  • IP67 water and dust proof

  • Off-the-shelf, user replaceable AA batteries

  • Switch from “locate” to “track” over-the-air

  • Battery status and low battery alert

  • Integrated accelerometer


One platform for all

From ensuring accurate data recording for timesheets and health & safety, to reducing overheads and giving you real time data for people, projects, plant and material. Shifting your business from traditional paper based to digitised and automated using these processes can drive the step change required to grow sustainability into your business




Business owners


Get real-time data so you can track any assets anywhere, anytime. Increase productivity and ensures accurate data recording for timesheets and health & safety, and more.

Delivery driver loading his van with boxes outside the warehouse

Log your reporting, timesheets via app. Receive notifications and reminders.


Manage access control of vehicles or plant. Get multiple reports for utilisation and operator behavior.

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Reduce overheads with better utilisation and protection of your plant and assets.

Everything you need to power your business, in one place

Our tracking tool will empower your team to work more efficiently and transform your
business. These tools allow customisation and white labelling to meet your requirements.

OBD II and WIRED-IN trackers: 

GPSTrack any Asset

Locate any Assets on mapping software Anywhere, anytime.

GearsWorks with Others

Works with Komtrac and Caterpillar without installation.


Multiple reports for utilisation and operator behaviour.

Works with othersCustomised Workflow

Simple Workflow
and Notification customisation.

Custom dash.svgCustom Dashboards

Ability to create custom dashboards and report.

SpeedMonitor Speeding

Monitor speeding activities based on posted speed limits.


Manage road user charges and receive off-road refunds.

ControlAccess Control

Manage access control and use of shared vehicles.


Schedule services based on hours or KLM's along with a calendar.

InspectionVehicle Inspection

Mobile app can be used to capture survey data about an asset prior to operation or to report an issue.

FenceGeo Fence

Create a virtual fence that helps to discover when something or someone enters or exits a pre-defined zone.

ScheduleAsset Scheduling

Track and schedule utilisation of assets.

3PM: Track tools - Subscription Plans

Different plan options to meet your requirements

Billed monthly
Billed annually
Basic Standard Advanced
Monthly Price New
$ 15
$ 12
$ 24
$ 20
$ 35
$ 30
Track and Trace and POIs
Track your assets in real time via web or mobile
Monitor Odometer
Provides an accurate reading of the odometer remotely for use in servcing or compliance.
Monitor Engine Hours
Provides an accurate reading of the engine hours for use with servicing or compliance.
Speed Reports
Monitor Speeding across posted Speed Limits
Accesses NZTA database to provide vehicle data
Monitor Idling Times
Provides accurate monitoring of Machine idling times for performance measurement
Utilisation By Site
See stats by site
Geo Fencing
Create Geo Fences and POIs
Create geo spatial areas
Monitor Arrival Times
Reporting and Control
Disabling Vehicle**
Disable vehicle remotely via app
Basic Reports
Advanced Reports
User Roles & Groups
Workflow Management
Workflow Management Create your own workflow, notifications or actions.
Keypad Access*
Allows the use of keypads to access vehicles and plant
Access API
Access Information and send to other softare programs through APIs
Pool Booking
Vehicle Inspections
Rego, WOF and COF
eRUC and RUCOR***

*Requires Keypad

**Requires extra installation (starter motor)

*** Requires eRUC device

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