Build Workflow

Design your workflow graphically to build the operational flow of work your business needs.

Fleet Agent provide a simple way to manage workflow to build just just about any alert or integration connection through a simple graphical workflow builder.

We help build the workflow to fit your business requirements. We don't tell you how to run your business, you tell us.

Monitor Dashboards

Get the information and data your business needs delivered in a way that suits you.

We provide many ways to visualize information to help you make good business decisions. 

Have something unique? We can build custom dashboards that do exactly what you need. Get everything you want and nothing you don't need.

Generate Reports

Fleet Agent provide a range to different reports and ways to generate data. The reporting functionally allows you to drill down in to historical information from every angle.

Reporting allows you to automatically generate scheduled reports so you can streamline your internal operational processes.

Reports are generated online, export to excel or generate simple to read PDF documentation.

Track Assets and Vehicles

Our mapping on mobile or web allow you to monitor your assets in real time, track vehicle routes and monitor driver behaviour.  Mapping and tracking assets helps create operational efficiencies.

Real time traffic information and real time vehicle tracking is a simple solution to managing the companies remote workers and prove of work.

The mapping also provides you with the time to a client and helps verify time on site. 

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