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Help Your Construction Business Go Paperless

Construction sites can be messy and chaotic, which makes it hard for contractors to keep track of important documents. But the issue goes beyond just keeping track of important records. Construction is one of the most heavily regulated industries and many businesses still use paper to store essential information. There’s no way around it; construction companies will always need some level of paper, but there are ways to make things easier by going digital as much as possible. There are many benefits to going paperless, from reducing clutter in your office to saving time and money on printing costs. The first step in that process is eliminating unnecessary paperwork through the use of a digital document management system. In this blog post, we’ll explain what 3PM is and how you can use it to enable a paperless office within your business or organization.

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Reduce Paper Usage by Going Digital
Construction companies use paper for everything from sales orders to progress reports. Unfortunately, the amount of paper in your office can quickly become overwhelming. The solution, however, is simple: reduce your paper usage by going digital whenever possible. Here are a few examples of paper that you can replace with a digital solution: - Sales Orders - Paper sales orders often get misplaced and make it hard to track important information like order status, payment details, and delivery dates. By switching to a digital system, you can store this information electronically and retrieve it easily when necessary. - Progress Reports - Progress reports are an essential part of managing projects, but when they’re written on paper, they can be difficult to read and follow. A digital system can help make them easier to read and understand by integrating a variety of charts, graphs, and other visual elements. - Billing - Many construction companies still use paper billing, but it’s not only inefficient, it’s also a security risk. Going digital can help you avoid identity theft by storing your customer’s payment details electronically.

Save Time and Moneytwo-business-builder-people-at-construction-site-2022-01-14-00-09-26-utc
In addition to reducing clutter and improving efficiency, going digital can also help you save money. When you use a 3PM solution to create documents, your team will save time because they won’t have to worry about printing them out. Even if you have a printer in your office, there are still costs associated with printing, including paper, ink, and printer maintenance. Paper is also expensive when you’re buying it in bulk. Depending on how often your team uses paper, this could end up costing thousands per year. Many 3PM platforms charge a monthly fee based on the number of users in your company, which makes it easy to budget for the solution.

Worried businessman sitting at the table and reading papers over gray backgroundTrack Important Documents
Construction companies track all kinds of information, but when it’s all written down on paper, it can be hard to keep track of everything. This can make it challenging to find information when you need it in a hurry. A digital system can help you track the progress of your projects and store important documents, such as purchase orders, contracts, and meeting minutes. When you create a system for tracking key documents, you’ll be able to find them quickly when you need them. This can help you avoid delays caused by struggling to find information. It can also help you avoid penalties from government bodies like the Federal Aviation Administration, who may fine you for late reports.

close up of a calendarHelp Maintain a Contractor’s Calendar
Construction companies must keep a close eye on their projects’ timelines, and many contractors also need to track their employees’ schedules. A 3PM platform can help you do both by storing important dates and events within an integrated calendar. A calendar can help you monitor your key project dates, as well as remind you when they’re approaching. You can also use it to track important events in your employees’ lives, such as birthdays or weddings. Creating calendars within a 3PM system helps you keep your various projects and workflows organized. It can also help you identify any potential issues before they become problems. You can also use calendars to help manage workloads by assigning specific tasks to specific employees. This can help you avoid overloading certain members of your team while under-utilizing others. It can also help you spot any potential issues with your staffing, such as a workload that’s too high for one employee while others have too little to do.

Engineer with mechanical worker checking on productionEmployee Efficiency and Collaboration
Construction projects often involve a team of contractors working together, which can make it easy for misunderstandings to occur. If one team member’s calendar indicates that a particular task is supposed to be done on a Monday, but another team member assumes it should be done on a Wednesday, there could be problems. A centralized calendar helps you avoid these issues by allowing you to share important dates and events with your team members. You can also use it to assign tasks to specific employees, which can help you avoid duplicate effort and make sure everyone stays on task. A calendar can also help you stay in touch with the rest of your team members by making it easy for everyone to add and view one another’s events.

Hand holding light bulb on dark background, new idea conceptConclusion
A construction business should be as paperless as possible. This will help you save time, reduce clutter, and also keep your costs down. We can help you with these goals by making it easy for everyone to track their progress, store important documents, and stay in touch with the rest of the team.


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